The Venice Dream ♥

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting the page. It has been quite some time I wanted to write a blog. I knew that my first travel post definitely had to be about my dream destination – the romantic city of Venice! 🙂

I visited Venice on a recent trip to Austria and Italy. The entry into the city is scenic, with the Lagoon on both sides. That moment when you step out of the Venezia Santa Lucia station is when you realise that you have finally entered the floating city!! You can see water taxis instead of the regular ones lined up for the local rides !

The City of Venice is indeed like a beautiful painting. The buildings with their peeling paints add a rustic touch to the picture perfect canals. It’s a city filled with charming couples, much in love with each other and with the ambience of the city. Getting lost in the narrow streets of Venice sure is fun and that was something I ticked off my bucket list!



We stayed at Hotel Ca’ Lucrezia which was conveniently located at just about 5 mins from the station. The room was pretty decent for the one-day stay. The receptionists were friendly and helped us understand the water-taxi system.

Although our visit here was short, we made sure it was memorable! Here’s how we spent our day:

Visit to the Murano/Burano Islands

The Vaparetto day passes worked for all the water taxi rides. The first stop was at the Murano Islands, famous for its glass making. It has its own glass factory – the Mazzega Glass Factory. The island is lined with gelato stalls, pizzerias, glassware shops and colourful houses on both sides of the canal. Every part of the island is easily accessible by over-the-canal bridges.

Must Do @ Murano: Shop for hand-made glass souvenirs!


Go, Go, Gondola!!

A gondola ride in Venice is a romantic affair that takes you on a cruise along the canals. It’s a treat to see prettily decorated gondolas, with couples kissing under every passing bridge.

Tip: Try to get a private gondola for a truly memorable experience 🙂



Piazza San Marco

Our next stop was St.Mark’s Square, locally known as Piazza San Marco. The square is a huge open space marked on the sides by St.Mark’s Basilica, the Clock tower and the Campanile. Another side is lined by a long arcade of buildings, now housing a number of shops. The Campanile offers a bird’s eye view of the piazza and the Grand Canal further away. Be sure to chill out at Pizzerias and to pick up souvenirs at the stalls, for they have all Venetian goods you might be looking for!


Sunset at Rialto

We hopped on to a water taxi to get to the famous Rialto Bridge for the sunset. Rialto happens to be the first ever bridge to be built across the Grand Canal and has been re-constructed several times over the years. The bridge was packed with tourists but nevertheless we found a place for ourselves right at the top to get the perfect view.


We ended the day with a laid out dinner at one of the pizzerias near the station, and then went around for a casual walk.

Add these to your Venice Bucket List!

  • Tasting all flavors of Gelato! They cost just about 1-1.5 euros and they come in the loveliest range of flavors and colours.
  • Italian food @ waterside cafeterias
  • Sunset from over the bridges: In my opinion the Rialto and the Ponte dei Scalzi offer the best view
  • Surprise your company with a gift on a bridge!
  • Street Walking: Explore the streets and see where you end up! Even with a map it will pretty much be like going through a maze 🙂

Overall, Venice was one of my dreams come true! It’s such a magical place with so much to see!

Do add to my thoughts and let me know your experiences in the comments! 🙂

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      1. You have excelled yourself! So poetic and alluring descriptions! Tera toh jawab nahin! Dad and Mom


  1. Thanks for sharing such nice info about Venice. Beautifully written and the pictures are spectacular. Makes it more tempting to visit this beautiful city.


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