Tag it all! – DIY

Hello Everyone!

I’m back with my next DIY post. These tags are fun and simple to make. They can be used as an add-on tag on your gifts, or as name cards to place on your stuff. They are also a great way to convey compliments!

Read along for the steps!

You will need

  • Card Paper
  • Gel pens or Glitter pens
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Satin ribbon

Optional (Based on Design)

  • Glitter powder
  • Stamping Kit
  • Watercolours


Cutting out the Tags:

  • I tried two sizes, but I am listing steps only for the one I thought looked better.
  • Cut a rectangular sheet of paper with sides in ratio 1:2. Mine measures 4″*8″.
  • Mark 6″ on the longer sides and connect each of these to the center of the shorter 4″ side. (Refer picture below).
  • Cut along these lines and a pointed tag will be ready!

Name Tags-001

Design 1: The Glitter Tags

  • Write your name/wish/compliment in the center. Apply glue with a brush along the edges of the card.
  • Drop glitter all over the tag. The glitter will stick to the glue. Now tilt the card to drop off any excess glitter.
  • Punch a hole at the pointed corner and loop a satin through it. The tag is ready!
Choose your own text – Name/Greetings/Compliments!

Design 2: Watercolour Tags

  • Make a rainbow pattern by using watercolours. Paint each of the colours one after another to form stripes.
  • Write your message/wish/name in the center with a Gel pen.
  • You have your tag!


Design 3: Vintage patterns

  • Write your name/wish/compliment in the centre. Use your stamping kit and favourite designs to make a pattern. If you don’t have a stamping kit, you can draw small patterns or use ready-made stickers.
  • I used a gold glitter pen to draw along the stamped pattern to brighten it.
  • Run a satin through the punched hole and the tag is ready!

Hope you liked these! Do let me know your comments.

Have a nice day! 🙂


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